Monday, June 29, 2015

Instantly Arriving at Our Destination Devotions with Angela Schans

Video Devotional

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Bible Verse

"Then they were eager to let him in the boat, and immediately they arrived at their destination!" John 6:21

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I love this story. The disciples had waited for Jesus. 

They didn't know where He was or when He was coming, so they headed out across the sea to their next destination without Him. 

The going was tough. It was stormy.

Then Jesus shows up, and they eagerly welcome Him into the boat as soon as they recognize Him.

As soon as He is in the boat, they found they had arrived at their destination!

As we are headed from one destination in life to the next, we can trust that He is our ever-present help in times of trouble, waiting only for an invitation to join us in our journey.

The very moment we embrace His presence in our journey, we have arrived at our destination, for our destination is never a place, but a person, the very heart of God.

Today, let's welcome Him into every circumstance we are facing and believe He is our ever-present help in times of need! He will carry us through, if we will but embrace His presence and help. 


Lord, please fill me with grace to welcome You at all times and in every situation, believing You are for me and with me. In Jesus name I ask, Amen.

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