Monday, July 6, 2015

Believing in Yourself After MAJOR FAILURE

Video Devotional


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Bible Verse

"Simon, Son of John, do you love me more than these?"

- John 21:15

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I was touched reading this account of Peter today.

1) Peter boldly tells Jesus, "I will DIE for you!" 
2) Peter brings a knife to the garden and attacks a soldier trying to take Jesus.
3) Jesus restrains Peter's violent effort to defend him.
4) Peter is scared- follows Jesus at a distance and denies knowing Jesus three times.
5) Peter, seemingly despondent after Jesus's Crucifixion, tells the other disciples, "I'm going fishing." 

I love this little piece here, how the others say, "We'll go with you."

They all fish with Peter ALL NIGHT long and catch nothing. Then Jesus shows up on the beach and tells the disciples to cast the net on the other side, and it's packed FULL of fish. Peter JUMPS out of the boat.

 (Again! Remember when Jesus was walking on the water? He's always ready to jump out of the boat to be near Jesus!)

I can just see all his friends on the boat, looking up as Peter splashes into the water. They smile because the "old Peter" seems to be back- pursuing Jesus with reckless abandon and no consideration whatsoever for anybody else who might want to see Jesus too- but choose instead stay and help with Peter's boat and catch of fish. 

Then, Peter gets to Jesus, and what they did, or talked about is a secret to us. But the heart of their interaction is recorded, and I LOVE how Jesus waited until AFTER Peter's tummy was full of the breakfast He had made for him.

"Peter do you love me?"
I've heard it said that Jesus used a word for love that meant the deepest most intimate kind of love.

And that Peter responded, 

"Yes, Lord, You know that I love you."

I've heard that Peter used a term for love associated with a casual friendship. 

So it would be like this:

Jesus: Peter, do you love me?
Peter: Yeah, I think you're cool.
Jesus: Peter do you love me?
Peter: Yeah, You are amazing.
Jesus: Peter do you LOVE me?
Peter: YES!!!!!!- 
Peter thinking to himself: only You know what I mean when I say that I love you- because I don't trust myself or believe in my ability to love at all. I thought for sure I would give my LIFE for you- and I was so wrong. I don't even know my own heart- how can I know if I truly love you?

Then, after this interaction - and all the while Jesus is affirming His call on Peter to feed others His word - then he tells Peter that he will indeed die for Jesus's sake.

This was the clincher for Peter! This was ALL he wanted!
To KNOW that he indeed would be faithful to Jesus to the end- and willing even to give up his very life for Him and suffer and die for him. He wanted more than anything to PROVE his love- to walk it out- to KNOW he would not cower in fear bending to the fear of man instead of living for the honor and praise of God Almighty- 

With this promise of Jesus's lips, Peter's identity was  affirmed- as the man Peter had always wanted to be- as the man he thought he was- but discovered he did not have the strength to be, apart from the Grace of God.

Not many followers dream come true is having their life end on a cross of crucifixion- but this was ALL Peter longed for, for himself.

And Jesus gave him hope- that God would use him and empower him to be faithful to the end and glorify God with this kind of death.

The old Peter was indeed back and his friends got to watch the whole thing! - It was totally worth fishing all night long w/o catching a thing, and hauling in a net full of fish and bringing them and the boat in with out Peter's help. This is what they were longing for much more than any fish- to see Peter's heart healed, and it was! Completely!

Personal Applications:

What kind of a friend am I with those who have become despondent in their faith? 

Am I willing to stay by them and support them- even if they abandon me as soon as they find hope?- Am I more concerned about their faith than my comfort and value in their eyes?

Would I give up a whole night's comfort and sleep with 0 productivity in the natural to gain 100% spiritual productivity in helping them return to Jesus?

Where am I in my relationship with Jesus?

Do I love Him?

Do I REALLY love Him?

Do I BELIEVE that I really love Him and would gladly give up my life for him at any cost?

Does He believe in me that much too? Will He empower me to live and die daily for Him?

Am I living like I believe He is with me and for me and I am for him?


Father, help me to never give up on Your power to restore my soul, or the soul of a friend. In Jesus name I ask, Amen.

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