Monday, August 17, 2015


Video Devotional


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Bible Verse

"Be encouraged..."

-Act 23:11

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Paul had narrowly escaped murder by an angry religious mob. Later that same night he would learn that 40 men were planning to kill him the next day, and Jesus appears to him at night and tells him, "Be encouraged." 

Jesus explains that just as Paul preached in Jerusalem, so he would also preach in Rome.

This was an encouraging word because it meant God was not done with him on the earth. He had more for him to do. So he would not die- yet.


Father, thank you that my life is not in the hands of any man, but it is in Your hands, and until I have completed the mission, You have given me to complete, I will live. Please help me to never be discouraged or afraid because of what man can do to me, but to only fear You. In Jesus name I ask, Amen.

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