Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Dear Loved Ones,

I have RICHLY enjoyed sharing the love and faith of God with you! I wanted to let you know that in this next season I will not be sharing weekly devotional updates with you, and when I resume- YOU will be the first to know.

Beginning in November I will be devoting myself to completing the rough draft of Raising Jesus. A historical fiction novel I began about 10 years ago. I am COMPELLED to FOCUS my energies on it in this season, as well as developing my gift and call for teaching and entrepreneurship. I am developing a technical coaching service called Angela Schans Media.

Please feel free to check that out- there is a FREE mini course that will teach you how to get over a thousand views to your blog, website or landing page perpetually- like I do. It's a MUST have course for anybody who is reaching people online for ministry or business.

Your prayers are wanted! I'm looking forward to this season, and to chatting with you again, when this season changes to the next.

All my Love, Angela