Thursday, December 29, 2016

Praying In The New Year

Let us pray;

My thoughts for the new year, Father, I submit them to You right now. If they are not in line with Your heart and goals for me then they are not my goals or hopes.

I choose to and only want to obey and flow with Your Holy Spirit’s anointing and calling upon me I want to move to the rhythm of Your heart beat.

How could I hope to hear that rhythm unless You hold my head closely against your chest, or take me inside of your heart?

Do it Lord, both now and for the rest of my life, take me into your heart so that I can only hear it’s deafening beat that drowns out every worldly sound. Hold my head so close to your heart that my thoughts align with its rhythm. I want to be Your dancer on the world’s stage until this dance is over and I am with You in heaven forever.

Earnestly, Father, earnestly! I seek You for grace to help in my time of need! I do not claim to be strong or have great insight, wisdom, or discernment, rather, I see things dimly. I cry out to you, like the blind man who could not be shamed into silence, for his need was greater than any pride he had.

Help me Lord! Give me eyes to see, strength to run, ears to listen, and a heart to obey You. Fill me with grace to discern Your will and what is good in every matter and fill me with grace to walk in accordance with it and to bring everybody You give to me as a friend, closer to You, with me. We need You.

In Jesus name, Amen.