Monday, January 23, 2017

Splendor- New Worship Song written and played by Nancy Groff

If you feel like your spiritual life is a little dim and lackluster, I highly recommend listening to the words in this song that poured out of my mother's heart of worship when she wrote this song, called, Splendor.
Nancy Groff (My Mother) 

You will be blessed and lifted to a place of remembering, God does not expect us to bring our requests to him without FIRST entering his presence with praise and his courts with thanksgiving.

As you listen to this song if any evil unbelief has crept into the corners of your heart- it will be driven far away and you will come out of this song of worship with a good believing heart, filled with the light and life of God.

Enjoy the presence of the Lord, be lifted, revived, refreshed and strengthened in his presence as you join your heart and mind to the words of this song lifted up to the King of Kings!