Raising Jesus

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Raising Jesus is a historical fiction I began writing in 2005. My journey took me to Israel, online courses in ancient Jewish culture, writer's conferences, critique groups and a creative writing class at Millersville University, PA USA. It has been my life's creative mission ambition to spread love and faith in Jesus around the world. I hope you will enjoy RAISING JESUS.

Publication Date: October 22, 2018

What was raising Jesus like?
Can you imagine raising the Son of God? What was it like for Mary to raise Jesus?

Experience the faith and love that carried Mary through family, synagogue and community rejection as she raised Jesus.

Usually, parents are committed to loving their children equally. But what if one child happens to be the Son of God, who deserves to be worshiped above all else?

Parents normally discipline children in the ways they feel are best, but how would a parent rear the perfect and holy Son of God?

Often parents rescue their children from all sorts of dilemmas, but what if their child had the power to deliver them out of all troubles?

Welcome to Mary s life.

Do You Want To?
Believe in yourself when nobody else does?
Believe in your child when nobody else does?
Believe in your spouse through the threat of divorce?
Believe God is with you when the world is against you?
   You May Be A Christian, But Are You A Believer? Become A Believing Believer!
Grow in faith! Walking with Mary through her earthly challenges will inspire you to believe in yourself, your loved ones, God, and His son Jesus Christ! Mary faced the potential of divorce, she loved and raised children who didn't believe Jesus was the son of God and thus did not believe Mary was the respectable woman she seemed to be. How did she continue to grow in faith and love amid the caustic and oppressive cloud of unbelief that plagued her own home?

   Learn How Mary Grew In Faith And Love When Those Closest To Her Wouldn t
As we experience Mary s intimate relationship with God and family through the birth, death and resurrection of her Son, we can expect our faith and love for Jesus and family to soar to new heights and develop greater depths of endurance.  It is said that we become like the people we hang out with most. That s why as we read this book and spend time pondering the things Mary pondered, we too develop a deeper and stronger relationship with Him.

    Learn How Mary s Faith In Jesus Both Hurt and Helped Her and Her Family In The Battle To Believe
Mary s love and faith, through all sorts of trials and suffering, was tested and stretched to the limit and by God s sovereign grace, was proved limitless! Journey close to her heart and let your heart soften as the foundation of your faith becomes surer. Enjoy the full-color picture of the culture and times Jesus lived in that will forever enlighten your Biblical understanding of the Gospels.