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This is a book about a Grandmother with a gift of evangelism whose love for God and people carried her through dementia with fruitful soul winning signs and wonders. 

Her love and faith leap off of the pages of this short book and into the hearts of every reader. This book is an exceptional encouragement to those caring for elderly believers suffering with dementia. 

When I wrote meetings with Beppe, I couldn't wait to share it with anyone and everyone.

I KNEW it would entertain, delight and most importantly strengthen the peace and love of its readers. 

The first night I completed my manuscript I took it to my neighbor's backyard where a large group of the neighborhood children were roasting marshmallows over a fire. 

I asked them if they'd like to hear my "ghost story," and they agreed. 

As I read the 1/2 hour story, the children stood and gathered closer and closer to me, their eyes fixed on my face. 

They didn't move. 

I was quite surprised by their rapt attention and probably should have prepared to lead them in a prayer of dedication to God. 

- Angela Schans

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 Angela Schans 
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 Christian wife and mother of four, Angela's driving passion is to steward well what God has given.  Popular lecturer at the APT Bible College in Fiji, and the  Greater Philadelphia Area Christian Writers' Conference, she also enjoys producing devotional videos on her blog and Youtube, writing children's books (currently waiting illustration) and developing her historical fiction novel, Raising Jesus: Mary's personal experience mothering the Son of God.