Technical Coaching

I spent years blogging with few if any daily visitors. 

It was discouraging. 

Then I discovered I could get around 100 views if I spent 3 hours a day sharing my blog to social media platforms. 

That was exhausting.

THIS YEAR I learned how to use twitter to bring over 1,000 daily views to my website- and I don't even have to update twitter to keep them coming daily.

All the tools I used to do this are free.

My website is nothing special, I just learned how to share it effectively so I know it will work for anybody.

Implementing my mini-course takes an average of 12 hours spread over a 2 week period, and once this investment of labor is made, the work is DONE. 

Targeted traffic in your niche pours in by the thousands whether you are awake or asleep - for the rest of your life (potentially.)

Don't be afraid to try it if you don't know what a tweet is. Together we will cross the digital divide!

Click THIS Link to see referrals from people I've worked and a list of services I offer. 

2016  Greater Philly Christian Writers Conference